• Episode 4: Books! Books! Books!

    How to actually build a library! In this episode, Wachuka begins by telling us about the process of creating the first-ever digital catalogue of McMillan Memorial Library. It took 23 people, 8,332 hours and loads of stickers! She also speaks with Dr. Henry Chakava, a publisher with the African Writers Series from Heinemann in the 1970s.

  • Episode 3: The People Need Public Space

    In this episode, we listen to Dr. Wangui Kimari and Dr. Alfred Omenya converse with Wanjiru and Wachuka about the colonial history of Nairobi’s urban planning and how these segregated divisions endure in present-day Nairobi.

  • Episode 2: Little Palaces

    Wachuka and Wanjiru introduce us to Jacob Ananda, Head Librarian of McMillan Memorial Library and Orpah Agunda, an Inventory intern at Book Bunk and long-term resident of Kaloleni.