• A Night at The Library: 2019 Fundraising Gala

    A Night at The Library: 2019 Fundraising Gala Our inaugural fundraising gala brought together 150 guests for a night of magic at the McMillan Memorial Library, in support of our restoration work. This event gave audiences and givers an opportunity to play a part in creating truly inclusive public spaces and re-introduced the largest and oldest of the public libraries we are restoring. We were excited to showcase the past, present and potential futures of this iconic space and secure groundbreaking partnerships needed for upcoming work. Opened in 1931, this library was built by Lady Lucy McMillan as a memorial to her husband, Sir Northrup McMillan, who died in 1925.…

  • Lahani: An Acoustic Musical Showcase

    Lahani: An Acoustic Musical Showcase This past weekend, we hosted an acoustic showcase of music at the main branch. Lahani is an (old) Swahili word that defines a musical tune, the timbre of one’s voice or the tone of an instrument. This was our very first Sunday event and featured; – Ayoo – Kibali – Lisa Oduor-Noah – Meryl Paige – Ngwatilo, and – Silayio. Many thanks for joining us, and for bringing the magic of song to the library!Posted on December 5, 2019  

  • Archiving Kenya’s past and futures

    Archiving Kenya’s past and futures On 12th November, we hosted sessions led by Angela Okune and Leonida Mutuku bringing together researchers, archival specialists, open data technologists and others working on digital humanities and research data practices in Kenya. Key to these discussions was how to build more equitable and inclusive systems of knowledge production and infrastructure by/in/for Kenya. Key discussion points from the meeting will be synthesised into a report for public dissemination and will include concrete next steps. This event was part of our 2019 public programming, supported by the British Council’s #CultureGrows programme. Images by Paul Munene/Quaint Photography.

  • World Cities Day

    World Cities Day 31st October is designated as World Cities Day by the United Nations, with activities focused on urbanisation and its challenges. This year, the theme of the day was “Changing the world: innovations and better life for future generations”. We were thrilled to partner with Naipolitans for a Nairobi Edition celebrating the diversity of our city, its history and heritage from a planning perspective. We looked at research work and projects going on within the city as well as the characteristics that surround and affect our lives as urban dwellers.

  • Film screening: VEVE

    Film screening: VEVE On October 19th, we hosted the screening of Veve at the Eastlands branch in Makadara. Set in Maua, this film follows Veve follows the lives of multiple characters trying to find themselves in a world of political intrigue, revenge, love and longings for success complemented by the background of the thriving yet unregulated Veve business. These free screenings are delivered in partnership with Goethe-Institut Nairobi, and are part of #CultureGrows, a programme of the British Council promoting access to heritage and culture. Images by Paul Munene /Quaint Photography

  • The LAM Sisterhood presents: KaBrazens!

    The LAM Sisterhood presents: KaBrazens! We had a great time with the LAM Sisterhood at the Kaloleni branch, who presented a fun-filled children’s storytelling show. Featuring stories from the Too Early for Birds’ Brazen edition, the sisterhood reimagined and mythologised the stories of women like Mekatili wa Menza and Field Marshall Muthoni wa Kirima, adapted for young audiences. Photos: Paul Munene Posted September 21, 2019

  • Music Bunk: A School Holiday Music Camp!

    Music Bunk: A School Holiday Music Camp! During the August school holidays, we hosted a music camp at the Eastlands branch in Makadara that culminated in a showcase on 24th August. Led by the Music Culture Foundation, the workshop delivered music lessons including guitar, keyboard and voice lessons to 30 10-16 year olds. Established musicians including Tetu Shani, Marvin Maveke and Eric Wainaina dropped in to offer practical tips and practical lessons. Photos: Paul Munene, Quaint Photography

  • UK Parliamentarians’ Visit

    UK Parliamentarians’ Visit We hosted UK Parliamentarians this past week for a tour of the main branch, its archives and our ongoing cataloguing work. Many thanks to Ms Angela Rayner, Shadow Education Secretary, Mr Christian Matheson, Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, The Lord Purvis of Tweed, Liberal Democrat Lords International Trade Spokesperson and Mr Dan Carden, Shadow International Development Secretary, for a great visit! Images by Preston Rolls #CultureGrows at #NRBLibrariesPosted on August 17,2019  

  • Kali! Live Presents: Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor

    Kali! Live Presents: Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor We were thrilled to host Kali! Live at the main branch on Saturday 3rd August. Kali! Live engages with notable East African women writers, artists, and thought leaders. These events are recorded for Kali Live! The Podcast : Find out more at http://kali.media/kali-live This event featured Kenyan author Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor whose second novel, The Dragonfly Sea, was released in March 2019. Her first novel, Dust, was published by Kwani Trust in East Africa and by Knopf, NY to critical acclaim. Yvonne is also the winner of the 2003 Caine Prize for African Writing for her short story, Weight of Whispers. Yvonne was in…

  • Film Screening: Something Necessary

    Film Screening: Something Necessary On Saturday 27th July, we had the pleasure of hosting the screening of Something Necessary. ABOUT THE FILM Rated as suitable for general audiences, Something Necessary is a film about a pivotal period in the life of Anne. She struggles to rebuild her life after the 2007 elections, a period that claims the life of her husband, the health of her son and leaves her isolated farm in ruins. Joseph, a troubled young gang member who participated in the countrywide post-election violence, is drawn to Anne and her farm seemingly in search of redemption. Both he and Anne need something that only the other can give…