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Wanjiru Koinange is a writer, restorer of libraries and entrepreneur from Nairobi, Kenya. She holds her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Literature from Nairobi’s United States International University, and a Masters in Creative Writing from the University in Cape Town. Her writing has been published in several journals and magazines across the continent including Chimurenga, SlipNet and Commonwealth Writers where she served as a cultural correspondent for East and Southern Africa in 2015. During this stint, she published this piece about the McMillan Memorial Library – Kenya’s second oldest library. This article was the major inspiration for the formation of Book Bunk which Wanjiru co-founded with Angela Wachuka in 2017. Wanjiru is also a publisher at Bunk Books, an imprint of Book Bunk Limited an affiliate of Book Bunk Trust.

  • What is Chat with a Star?

    1-on-1 video call on Zoom where you get to interact with your favorite star and get a recording of the call to keep and share!

  • How long is the Chat?

    Twenty Minutes

  • What next after I reserve a ticket?

    You will receive an email with available timeslots to choose from based on the booking schedule.

  • Can I reschedule?

    Yes you can but based on available timeslots on the booking schedule.

  • Do I get a reminder for the Chat after scheduling?

    Yes you will, 24 hours prior and and an hour to the virtual Chat with login credentials.