Book Donation Policy

Many thanks for your interest in donating book titles or other materials! We are currently accepting book donations for Kaloleni and Eastlands Libraries. The collections in all three libraries are continuously being curated to match the needs of library users. 

Donation Criteria: The goal is to supplement the library’s current collection with materials focused on the local first and then explore other worlds. We also prioritise donation of books on these wishlists, here and here, generated from library users’ feedback. This ensures that the books that live in the library actually leave the shelf! We request that in addition to being relevant, donations be in good condition; they should have covers, no underlining, highlighting or annotation. Read our acquisition policy here.  

What We Do Not Accept

  1. Books that are in poor condition; these include those damaged by water and insects/rodents or that are torn
  2. Outdated materials (titles that have subsequent versions), unless they are of historical value
  3. Curriculum books that are no longer on the syllabus 
  4. Duplicate copies of books that are already in the collection 
  5. Materials that are factually inaccurate or misleading.

How to Donate: Do you have materials that might be of interest to our collection? Please fill out the form below.

After our review of the material, you will receive an email of acceptance that will also advise on how to deliver the material to the library. Delivery of donated materials should be done between Monday and Friday between 9am and 5pm. Once we have received the donation, we will send acknowledgement your way.

In the event that your donation is not relevant to our collection, here are other local libraries for your consideration.

For any questions, clarification or in case you have a large number of books that you wish to donate, please email our Acquisitions Coordinator at

Note: We regularly conduct weeding, a process where we discard books from the libraries’ collection that are either damaged, outdated or not in circulation, and reserve the right to weed out any donated materials as part of this process. Weeded materials are donated to other libraries, recycled or turned into art.