First Floor

The rooms of the first floor house the library’s reference and Africana collections. This function will be maintained in the current rooms. Terraces that are accessible via an external elevator will be installed, enabling wheelchair access to the first floor. The library’s impressive collection of antique furniture, requiring minimal movement, will likely be allocated to these rooms. The McMillan’s Africana collection was at some point in time the largest on the continent. This is an accolade that we would  like to restore too!

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These proposed restoration plans are a result of several months of consultation with the public, library management and stakeholders as well as industry experts. These plans are also available at the library for public viewing and input. The amendments to the McMillan Memorial Library are proposed to ensure that the building remains structurally sound, safe and accessible to all including those who are differently abled. Energy efficiency is key for this restoration as is the installation of features that allow for multipurpose use and consequently, revenue generation. All proposed renovations are in line with the guidelines for the restoration of heritage buildings.

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