Technical Design Team

Architectural Advisor: Marco Carolei sits on our advisory board and has been guiding and  working closely with Book Bunk’s leadership on developing these plans for the future McMillan. Marco is the co-founder of Avanti Architect and has worked on several large size projects ranging from residential, commercial, retail and hospitality before moving to Mombasa as the Architect supervising the construction of English Point Marina. Marco holds a master degree in Urban Design from Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK and is a registered Architect in Kenya with the Board of Architects and Quantity Surveyors (BORAQS), the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) and is a chartered member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

White aims to enable sustainable life through the     art of Architecture. Though based in Sweden, they boast a long history  and long-term commitment to projects in Kenya and East Africa. They will be the design lead for this phase of the work. We selected this team for their values, ethics and experience dealing with listed buildings similar in age to the McMillan Memorial Library.

Arup’s primary goal is to develop a truly sustainable     built environment. Their work seeks to identify a balance between the needs of a growing world population and the finite capacity and health of the planet.

This firm’s reputation in the sector is unparalleled and we have selected them selection for the simplicity of their approach and their attention to detail. They will also be looking at the building’s special needs.

Charged with checking and benchmarking our  cost estimates, CMAS will be working to ensure that the budgets allocated to this project provide room for all potential costs. Their         experience working with projects such as these that straddle several sectors  was     the reason we thought them were a good fit for this phase of the work.