Blind Couple


Art by Wanyu Brush

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Dimension: 143 by 75 cm

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Wanyu Brush was born John Njenga Kamau in 1946, and today, adamantly denies knowing anyone by that name! He renamed himself Wanyu – ‘Yours’ in Gikuyu and so, with his rebirth, underscored a fundamental statement of his painterly creativity; ‘I am your Brush’. And so he has been for the last couple of decades!

A tireless iconoclast, Brush produces commanding, often big canvases with a pellet knife wielded by a non-conformist mind. In 2011, he set a valuation pace for Kenyan art and a record for being the highest priced Kenyan artist locally when he sold a medium sized canvas for a whooping USD 24,000 at Gallery Watatu.

Since the 1980s, no collection of contemporary Kenyan Art can be complete without a Wanyu Brush. Brush lives in Ngecha and is a recipient of a Presidential Citation for artistic achievement and his contribution to the Kenyan art sector, received in 2010.