Art by Patrick Kinuthia

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Dimension: 110 by 150 cm


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Patrick Kinuthia is a semi-impressionist Artist from Red Hill town, Kenya. He was trained by an Asian artist and mural painter. He later pursued design at the Kenya Polytechnic University.

He has exhibited in the Netherlands, UK, Australia and the United States and locally at the Ramoma, ISK and the Windsor and Karen Golf clubs. His patrons include United Nations and Faith Evangelistic Ministries. He was also commissioned by His Excelleny Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya, for a painting that now hangs at the State House in Nairobi.

Kinuthia traces his early influences to the American artist Norman Rockwell. Later, as was the trend of many contemporary wildlife artists in Kenya, David Shepherd became a notable influence. Patrick was one of the artists chosen to participate in the well regarded Plen-air Lamu Painters Art Festival in 2013, with a subsequent art exhibition at the Baitil Aman hotel in Shela, Lamu. He also participated in the Stanthorpe art competition in Australia and was among the shortlisted winners in early 2014.