An Exclusive Conversation with Emmanuel Jal


From his start in life as a child soldier in the war-torn region of Southern Sudan in the early 1980s, Emmanuel Jal has come through huge personal struggles to become a successful and acclaimed recording artist and peace ambassador now living in Toronto, Canada. His autobiography, War Child: A Child Soldier’s Story, was published in 2009. He shares his story for social emotional learning through the arts, business and philanthropy and offers experiences with music, healing, education and healthy living – so that together we can create positive, global awakening.Through his music, Jal counts on the unity of the citizens to overcome ethnic and religious division and motivate the youth in Sudan. He went on to produce his first album, Gua, a mix of rap in Arabic, English, Swahili, Dinka and Nuer. The symbolism of unity is expressed in the title, meaning both “peace” in Nuer and “power” in Sudanese Arabic. Emmanuel Jal’s 6th Studio album ‘Naath’ is out now.

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