Released on December 18, 2020 By Book Bunk

Episode 2

Wachuka and Wanjiru introduce us to Jacob Ananda, Head Librarian of McMillan Memorial Library and Orpah Agunda, an Inventory intern at Book Bunk and long-term resident of Kaloleni. Both featured guests share how growing up in Makadara and Kaloleni, the libraries shaped them into who they are today by instilling in them a love for books and inclusive public spaces.

  1. Eastlands history
  2. Makadara history
  3. Kaloleni history
  4. Book Bunk Kaloleni video
  5. Book Bunk Makadara video
  6. Book Bunk Music Bunk video
  7. East Africa Safari Rally
  8. King’s African Rifles Men (here, here and here)
  9. Burma wars with KAR
  10. Tree planting for fallen soldiers in the KAR

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