Season 1

A Palace For The People

Join us on an eight-part journey featuring conversations with featured guests including McMillan Memorial Library’s Chief Librarian, Jacob Ananda, Kaloleni resident Orpah Agunda, Urban Ethnographer Dr. Wangui Kimari, Environmental Architect Dr. Alfred Omenya, Publisher Henry Chakava and Social Heritage Architect Balmoi Abe. Conversations are centred around the McMillan Library; its history; the restoration process; the importance of designing public spaces with people in mind; plans for the library; publishing in African languages, and the future of Nairobi’s public spaces. 

Produced by  Maeve Frances, Wanjiru Koinange and Angela Wachuka

Research & fact-checking by Syokau Mutonga 

Sound Design by Maeve Frances Anthony Kiringe 

Released on 12th December, 2020

Released on 18th December, 2020

Released on 23rd December, 2021

Released on 4th January, 2021

Released on 17th March, 2021

Released on 24th March, 2021

Released on 1st April , 2021

Released on 27th April , 2021