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Code of Conduct

We are committed to creating a free and safe environment. We do not condone any form of harassment, discrimination, and threatening or disrespectful behaviour. It is important to us that all delegates are able to participate fully in our programmes. Help us make this a space that is physically and psychologically safe. We reserve the right to remove any person who violates our Code of Conduct from attending current or future events, and to cancel an individual’s registration.

Book Bunk will consider and address all questions and/or concerns about safety and security being voiced by participants. All virtual events will have a host assigned, and the host’s duties will include; managing the chat room, immediately deleting any language that would be considered harassment or intimidating, immediately removing and blocking the sender of such language from the event, and screening and monitoring all questions for the participants.

While at NBOLitfest, you agree to:

  • Look out for one another as part of this community-oriented environment.
  • Respect the boundaries of other attendees.
  • Seek consent before initiating physical contact.
  • Avoid aggressively pitching your own cases, services, or products.
  • Respect confidentiality requests by fellow participants.


We will not tolerate the following behaviour at any Book Bunk-hosted events:

  • Sexual harassment of any kind, including unwelcome sexual attention or unwelcome physical contact.
  • Disruptive behaviour, drinking excessively, stalking, or following anyone.
  • Abuse of power (including abuses related to position, wealth, race, or gender).
  • Homophobia, racism, or behaviour that discriminates against a group or class of people.
  • Violent or threatening behaviour.

Book Bunk’s Commitment to You: We will provide an advocate, if requested, and investigate reported incidents at our events, as appropriate. You can be assured this will be done with discretion and confidentiality. Report violations of the Code of Conduct via our email: Your information will be treated as confidential.