A Night at The Library: 2019 Fundraising Gala

Our inaugural fundraising gala brought together 150 guests for a night of magic at the McMillan Memorial Library, in support of our restoration work. This event gave audiences and givers an opportunity to play a part in creating truly inclusive public spaces and re-introduced the largest and oldest of the public libraries we are restoring. We were excited to showcase the past, present and potential futures of this iconic space and secure groundbreaking partnerships needed for upcoming work.

Opened in 1931, this library was built by Lady Lucy McMillan as a memorial to her husband, Sir Northrup McMillan, who died in 1925. The oldest library in Nairobi and the second oldest in Kenya, it is the only building in Kenya protected by an Act of Parliament; The McMillan Memorial Library Act Cap 217 of 1938 (revised in 2012).

Many thanks to all our guests and partners for a truly wonderful inaugural gala!

Photos by Paul Munene.

Posted on December 16, 2019