Screening 2: The Last Fight

Over the Easter holiday weekend, we hosted film screenings with our friends at NBO Film Fest. We screened The Last Fight, a documentary on some of Kenya’s last surviving boxing clubs by Content House Kenya’s Jackie Lebo. The documentary chronicles Kenya’s most renowned boxing clubs who are fighting for their survival. For Ndirangu “Coaches” Mahungu, head of the Dallas Boxing Club, the price of continuing the club’s boxing heritage is sleeping with his eyes wide open. Together with the Dallas Boxing Club, Madison Square Garden in Nakuru, the oldest boxing club in Kenya, accounted for a good number of famous names that comprised the Hit Squad, Kenya’s once great national boxing team. The building that houses the club was gifted by a British settler in 1957. Now, the last trustee has died and his family is refusing to hand over the title deed to the club. Club Manager Mwangi “Don King” Muthoga leads the fight for the club which, along with its counterpart in Muthurwa, has always been a refuge for young people in the neighbourhood for whom boxing is a lifeline from a life of crime, drugs and alcohol. The screening was followed by a Q&A with Ndirangu ‘ Coaches’ Mahungu, head of the Dallas Boxing Club. This screening was especially special for us as the screening site is featured in the documentary! Photos by Quaint Photography #BunkFilms

Posted April 11, 2018