A few weeks ago, we were invited to participate in the #UbuntuLoveChallenge, a global movement built on the core philosophy of Ubuntu (human interconnectedness) with a mission to restore hope through a worldwide display of human collaboration and appreciation. With school closures now extended to January 2021, we accepted this challenge by extending library resources to homes around Kaloleni Library where users, mostly children, face barriers to digital learning at a time when public libraries remain closed due to COVID19-mandated measures. Many thanks to Text Book Centre, Isons Group and our individual donors Teresa Mbagaya and Godfrey Munira, whose support enabled us to distribute these packs to 200 households! We hope to do a second round in August targeted at the homes we couldn’t reach with this first round, followed by a third round in Makadara in September.

Posted on July 24, 2020