April 2, 2018

NBO Film Fest: Makadara x Kaloleni Library screenings

Join us for Book Bunk’s FIRST programming – movie screenings at the library! The good people at NBO Film Fest are bringing films to McMillan Memorial Library branches in Makadara and Kaloleni. We will be screening two films – one at each site, on the same day:

Screening 1: Nairobi Half Life (Dir. Tosh Gitonga)
11.30am | McMillan Memorial Library’s Eastlands Branch (Makadara) Q&A session with film director after screening
Location: Eastlands Revenue Building (Next to DC’s office), off Jogoo Road

The Last Fight (Dir. Content House Kenya‘s Jackie Lebo)
2.30pm| McMillan Memorial Library’s Kaloleni Branch
Q&A session with boxers from Kaloleni Social Hall after screening.

Entry to both screenings is free.