Have an exclusive conversation with entrepreneur Sonal Haria

A serial entrepreneur, Sonal’s love for beauty brands and make-up grew as a bi-product of her initial company, Canvas Media – a digital marketing agency. As an young career-oriented woman, she realized she spent so much time admiring international independent brands but many of which were unavailable in Kenya. An avid supporter of women in business and entrepreneurship, Sonal recognized the need to offer on-the-go women like herself trendy, high-quality and affordable products. After completing her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, at the Sauder School of Business, she went on to start a digital agency in Vancouver, after which she moved back to Kenya to co-found Canvas Media. Her strong networks and experience in investor-relations, technology and start-ups have helped her translate and implement the latest digital strategies and technology into African markets. Her “just do it” mindset and strong work ethic has driven her love for building many brands including her own to evolve from start-ups to greatly respected brands in the Sub-Saharan business community.  
  • What is a Virtual Meet & Greet?

    This is an opportunity to purchase 1-on-1 video calls with some of the people that inspire the Book Bunk team. We’ve curated a list of artists, entrepreneurs, professionals and luminaries from Nairobi and beyond whose thought leadership is shaping our cities in incredible ways.

  • How long are the sessions?

    Each conversation will be a minimum of 20 minutes long.

  • What next after I purchase a ticket?

    Once you complete the purchase, we will email to schedule your conversation. The Meet & Greet session can take place anytime between Jan and Dec 2021.

  • How does this purchase support Book Bunk?

    All proceeds from this purchase will go directly to Book Bunk’s work restoring Nairobi’s public libraries. We are grateful to all who have donated their time to our precious cause.

  • Will the session be recorded?

    Yes, we will record these sessions and share the recording with both parties. This recording will be subject to Book Bunk’s privacy policy.

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