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The Missing Bits

We are pleased to announce our second call out for stories from our past!

This time around, we’re seeking historical information on McMillan Memorial Library and hope to capture images, documents, memories, experiences, and any other kind of mementos from primary sources. Did you or anyone you know use or interact with this library in the past, specifically between the 1930s and 1990s?

We welcome all your memories; Who was the librarian during your time? What colour were the walls? What was Banda Street like? What was the most memorable thing about the library then? We’d like to hear it all!

The small print: With your permission, these materials will be uploaded on McMillan Memorial Library’s archive platform, an open source archive repository whose access terms can be read here.

McMillan Memorial Library Exhibition

Welcome to the McMillan Memorial Library Exhibition, curated by the Book Bunk team. It showcases the past, present and future of McMillan Memorial Library which is Nairobi’s oldest library, and the next in line for restoration by Book Bunk. The exhibition showcases our restoration work, highlights the history of Kaloleni, Eastlands and McMillan Memorial Libraries; and takes you on a journey back in time to the 1930’s. It concludes with a premiere of the plans for the future and an opportunity to share your feedback on proposed plans for the restoration of McMillan Memorial Library.

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Library Tours

Book Bunkers will guide you through McMillan Memorial Library, Nairobi’s oldest library, opened in 1931 where you can peruse the shelves of East African literature and periodicals from the early 20th century to present-day. You will then get to experience Book Bunk’s vision for public libraries at the recently restored Eastlands and Kaloleni libraries. You will explore Kenyan history-making in Kaloleni where Kenya’s first parliamentary election results were announced in 1963. And discover the birthplaces of some of Kenya’s most iconic artists.

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