Music Bunk: A School Holiday Music Club Showcase

This is a music education programme delivered by Book Bunk and its partners to young users aged 10-16 years at the McMillan Memorial Library brnches. It is structured as follows; 

  • Two-week introduction programme 
  • Extended hourly sessions that run fortnightly from September to December
  • Two showcase opportunities in August in December 

Upon graduation from Book Bunk, interested students may apply to be enrolled in a music school in Nairobi, with Book Bunk negotiating these opportunities across the city. 

This programme sits squarely within our goal to convert these libraries into spaces that nurture all the opportunities that the creative industry offers. 

In August 2019, 30 participants received music lessons focusing on drums, guitar, keyboard & other music joys.  Tutors including Galvin Mbehero, Fatma Rhazia and Joel Kelly were joined for quick-fire lessons by Eric Wainaina and Tetu Shani. We concluded with an Intellectual Property lesson for the kids, taught by Joy Muroki and a showcase featuring all the work that these young participants learned. 

Music bunk