Eastlands Library (Makadara)

The McMillan Memorial Library initially had five branches (Kayole, Waithaka, Kaloleni, Makadara and Banda Street). Two of these are closed and the three others are the main focus of our restoration work. The Makadara library is a stone throw away from the law courts and county offices (Makadara is an electoral constituency within Nairobi County) and shares a compound with the Huduma Centre, a public service hub. This branch gets the most foot traffic of all three, at an average of 182 users a day, almost all of whom live within the area. 

Most of the visitors here are young adults who are either using the space to study or are working on their devices.

Book Bunk’s restoration plans for this library are specific to the needs of Makadara. We plan to acquire a new collection of books, continue to curate specific programming inspired by the community, and introduce innovative arts and learning programmes primarily for young adults.