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Bunk Books is part of the commercial universe of Book Bunk Trust, focused on the production of contemporary stories in digital and print editions combining new art and writing, for children and adults. 

The imprint draws on the editorial expertise of the founders of the Trust, benefitting from the marketplace of virtual and physical libraries the Trust is restoring while opening up new audiences via innovative approaches to form and community publishing. We aim to add to the choice and orientation of stories for and about children and young adults by asking what we consider to be a fundamental question of our experience: how has Africa been experienced and how is this depicted to children, young people and adults? We introduce two flagship publications as a means to pilot new content for two market segments; children and adult readers.

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Long-held captive by her father’s shadow of corruption, Kavata has spent her life suffocated by political machinations. When her husband decides to run in the next election these shadows threaten to consume her home. Unable to bear this darkness come with a plus to escape. As her family falls apart so too does the country. In the wake of Kenya‘s post-election turmoil, Kavata and her family must find their way back to each other across a landscape of nationwide confusion, desperation and heart-rending loss.

Wanjiru Koinange is a writer, restorer of libraries and entrepreneur from Nairobi. This is her debut novel, and is based on the events surrounding the 2007 Kenyan general election. Her writing has also been published in several journals and magazines across the continent including Chimurenga, SlipNet and Commonwealth Writers where she served as a cultural correspondent for East and Southern Africa. Wanjiru also explores ways in which art and creative production can be used to influence social change. She is the Co-Founder of Book Bunk, where she directs efforts to revitalise some of Nairobi’s most iconic public libraries.